Friday, July 13, 2012

The Wedding Diary: Countdown to Expenses

There are only 14 weeks remaining before our big day. I have a hard time visualizing 14 weeks so, I need to break it down in months. There are four weeks in a month. That means, I barely have three months and two weeks before I finally exchange "I do". 

Like any normal sane person, I feel the jitters. But since am determined to conduct our big moment in serenity and total laid-back provincial vibe, I try to find my center in times of uncertainties. 
My mantra until the big day.
It's Friday, the 13th. Instead of dreading the day, am counting on it to bring me "luck". I need all the positivity today because I am set to meet some suppliers... to give them our hard earned moolah. Hihihi. 

And over the weekend, we would have to do food tasting, confirm pencil booked professionals and pay. Sigh. 

If it isn't my lucky day, I don't know what one is. My old friend responded to my Facebook inquiry if anyone knows any violinist in Davao. This old friend resides in Cebu but took the time to message me that her son is one. Woot! Woot! 

Am not sure yet, if she and her husband's going. But I'd be really floored if they do. They're one tough couple I greatly admire. Theirs is a relationship deeply centered in God. 

Married life, as it is, already paints difficult scenarios. So, I need all the guidance and inspiration I can get a hold of. More prayer warriors for a life enriched in His love and grace would be a dream come true. 

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