Friday, July 20, 2012

So Korean

It is said that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I'll stretch it a bit, the best way to race's heart is through his senses and stomach. 

Over the years, we've experienced a sort of Korean "invasion". It started with the Korean telenovela (series) shown on primetime TV, in all networks. When it happened, we knew that its Mexican counterpart is no more. 

Central to the themes of all the television series' are the Korean's love of food. The way it's prepared triggered a gustatory curiosity amongst the foodie and even those who are in constantly watching what they eat. 

Amazingly, its food is healthy. To us viewers, it feels like food, is part and parcel of the Korean culture. And so a demand for cabbage wrapped vegetable dishes and kimchis spike the enterprising Pinoys. And of course, some Koreans have set up shop to offer authentic cuisine. 

Wherever you go in the Philippines, whether it's in the province or in the highly urbanized cities, there will be one or more Korean restaurant around. 

Lately, we've been having our fill of bibimbap, cabbage stew and bulgogi. A few nights back, we've finally tried Sariwon in High Street Central at the Bonifacio Global City. We were in for a treat. Although, the menu is sparse but the taste and experience more than made up for it. 
wet tissue. just add cold water and it "grows"
It's a nice touch. One can be assured that at the kitchen, the staff takes great care in handling the ingredients. And of course, we like to eat with clean hands. So, it's such a welcome mind conditioning. 

I ordered bibimbap (rice topped with assorted vegetable and egg) while Mara had her cabbage stew. As we wait for the food to arrive, we were treated to these.
Refillable side dishes. On the house.
The house tea is also very soothing and it tastes yum. The main courses are superb also. 
Bibimbap and cold rice pops. Nomnomnom.
The price is okay. The portions can be better though. 

Bulgogi Brothers (Greenbelt 5) rates better but if you're in High Street, I'll surely recommend this.

Will we go back? Definitely.


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