Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue Sky

I long for the day that I'd see a beautiful blue sky, when I look up. 
Without the filter from the glass pane (airplane) the sky looks much brighter. (Davao City)
That along with progress is a sustainable growth of the environment as the economy grinds its wheel on a blinding speed. And that the ecological system wouldn't be a casualty of modern civilization. 

I feel strongly about efforts (or the lack thereof) of an urban city to plant trees on its streets. I think it's an indication of foresight so that even when developments accelerate, the younger generation need not worry, for there shall still be trees amidst the concrete jungle. 

I love efforts from individuals that are geared towards lessening our carbon footprint. If we can't build a forest by our sheer efforts alone, surely we can plant a tree in our backyard or nurture potted plants that will not only prettify our space but will help us breathe a cleaner air?
In the offices of Avon Davao. What a green practice?!
 Any crevice, nook or cranny is given a chance to grow plants. 
Am so glad that synthetic plants are no longer considered in vogue. (Davao airport)

Each time I pass by EDSA, my heart swells with happiness. At last, the authorities have deemed it wise to plant shrubs along the smog-filled, traffic jammed of a highway. Imagine how choked this place is: it can only accommodate 1,600 public buses everyday and yet 12,000 ply the length of this avenue. 

The fumes, the enumerable cars and other elements choke the life of Manila's main thoroughfare. Now, that it has plants on every available space that is not a lane dedicated for vehicles, the road looks a little more alive and breathing. 

The urban planners have started adapting a new trend, vertical gardening. I've seen some in private properties and recently along the Ayala-EDSA intersection, before you traverse to McKinley Road or EDSA. It isn't just a pretty sight. To me it's a symbol of hope for our country and our leaders who in the past, do not seem to possess a desire or responsibility to care for the environment. 

In the streets of Davao, am seeing efforts to grow trees on the islands. It doesn't have the elaborate landscaping of the ones in Makati's Central Business District or the manicured ones in Bonifacio Global City, but it shows a lot of promise. 

The leaders took their sweet time. I guess it stemmed from the fact that Davao is largely forested. But with the advent of flash floods during heavy downpours, it's foolish not to turn to natural methods of preventing its catastrophic results. 

I hope that soon I'd take a more proactive role in re-greening my city or my adopted one.

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