Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thirty-four Summers

I'd like to believe that summer is my season. Although, in the Philippines, June is already the start of the rainy days. In fact, I spent my birthday in a heavy drizzle. 

Summer is all about being care-free, enjoying the sun, chilling at the beach and taking a vacation from everyday life. And that's how I treat my life. 

It also symbolizes hope for the future. For as long as the sun continues to rise, one has hope for a better life. Or live the life of her dreams. Or start all over again.

When friends are prompted to describe me they'd say that I am light and bubbly. I take it as a compliment. I take it to mean as being able to laugh at whatever life throws my way. Inasmuch as I have the immense capacity for laughing at the silliest of things, I have my low moments, too. But I strive to find a silver lining in the grey skies. 

On the 28th of June, I realized that it was to be my last birthday celebrated as singleton. Ah, the revelation. I realized that it was just but fitting that I made it a me-date day. I had a great time. I enjoyed my trip to the salon. I died in spa heaven at The Spa. And got resurrected but only to die again with the big breakfast I ate, for dinner.When I woke up the next day, I went to the nail spa to have a relaxing foot spa courtesy of the salon. Loyalty, pays. Lol.
The Spa & Wellness at the Bonifacio Global City. Absolutely, divine!

Met up two of my friends for a short run, Me-an and Mara. Yes, we were ready to run but it rained. So, we spent the remaining hours hanging out at Jamba Juice. 
I missed their calls because I dozed off and snored at the spa.Lol.

My friends took the time to greet me. Thank you, Facebook all of them were reminded of my day. Of my 800++ friends on Facebook, about 200 sent me personal greetings. Others wished me well on Twitter. And then, a very few, gave me a shoutout through text messages. Ah, the wonders of technology. 

Here are some gifts I received. 
Birthday card from our GM Kanwar Bhutani. Everyone in Avon receives one like this.
In keeping with my spa-themed solo celebration. Thanks, Erika! You're super.

When the day was over, I felt rejuvenated and bursting with happiness. God is good all the time. And He just added another year to my life. It is my prayer that He'd bestow upon me the grace to live a purpose-driven life. Am given another year to start afresh; turn a new leaf. 

A life that seeks to glorify Him in all of my ways and speech. Thank you, God for an awesome adventure all through the 34 years on this earth. 

To you who may be reading this, I wish you an awesome birthday. 



  1. You are so creative and I like the way you presented it. I will try this at home with my cousins. Thank you.

  2. Hi Zummi! Thanks for dropping by. And you just made my day. Have a pleasant day. I wish you the happiest birthday, whenever that is. :-)) Say, hello to your cousins.