Friday, July 13, 2012

Beauty Must-Haves

I've always prided myself to be low-maintenance in the beauty department. I have very few products that I put on my face. Mostly, the rationale behind this is my desire to keep things simple because I am lazy. 

The amount of energy and time spent on lathering all the creams for anti-aging, erasing blemishes and keeping the skin supple and smooth, as if the fountain of youth has really been discovered, is amazingly a lot. All because, we all desire to be forever young. 

I am privileged that I work for a beauty company so I am one of the firsts to have read or tried a new breakthrough product. Avon, being at the forefront of research and development for skincare, releases products that gives it the leading edge when it comes to beauty. 

Selectively, I choose only what works for me and how simple its application. For most men and women, the choice of a skin care regimen varies on need, preference and budget. I've tried other brands but I've discovered that I always gravitate to certain Avon brands. Here's a peek into my stash. 
I like to hoard when these are on sale. Nothing beats a discount.

I travel with them. I feel naked without them. 

And there's no substitute for my loyalty to this body lotion, also. No highbrow brand could ever replace it. My affinity to it is unparalleled. Why? Because it delivers. Flaky, itchy dry skin banishes with a generous lather of this non-sticky lotion. If you desire a supple and smooth skin all over your body, just like your face, then to me this is the ultimate hand and body lotion. And the price is just chicken feed.
What's your skincare regimen like?

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