Friday, July 13, 2012

Loyalty as an enticing prospect

In the war between competing brands and services companies have established that for them to gain footing there must be an irresistible need/want they must offer a clientele, they wish to establish as part of their loyal customer base. As a result, there's a superfluous availability of Rewards Program, in the market today. 

I have fallen prey to these marketing ploys. I've readily embraced them because the rewards are indeed worth the effort. Over the years, I've collected so many loyalty and rewards cards that I needed to have a separate card holder as they threaten to wreck havoc to my wallet. 

I have cards for virtually any type of service, from the mundane like spa loyalty cards to the staple grocery rewards programs. Each point provides a window for me to think that no matter how small, how token the cash equivalent, somehow I am rewarded for my loyalty to its service. 

Recently, Global Hotels Alliance (GHA Discovery) sent me my platinum membership card which entitled me to free room upgrades, 24/7 wifi connectivity, early check-in, late check-out, and a local cultural experience.
Platinum Membership.
My work gives me an opportunity to travel, regularly. I work for a beauty company that has over 160 branches in the country. Naturally, earning rewards almost seem to be a given. Last Wednesday, I checked in yet again at The Marco Polo Davao. 

And to my pleasant surprise I was told that my membership level has already reached Black. In the hierarchy of its program, it already is the highest level. Whoa. Backtracking on its website made me realize that I have already stayed for 30 nights in The Marco Polo, both in Davao and in Cebu. 

As a Black Member, I was given a double upgrade from a standard room to premiere, a healthy serving of fruit platter, and more. Am still waiting for that local experience, though.

Nice. As the Global Hotel Alliance home page states,

Join today. Reap the rewards tomorrow.

 Be a loyalty cardholder now. Just like me.

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