Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obsessing over gorgeous home stuff

Nesting. Cocooning. Call it whatever you want. These days, am obsessed with these pretty home stuff. Sadly, I don't have space in our tiny studio. 

Tea cups. I can't get enough of them.

And cake stands. 

Plus other beautiful home stuff, I'd like to have in our future kitchen. 

And this jar is just perfect for those small sample bottles from hotels. I do travel quite regularly, so I've amassed a lot of hotel toiletries. I bring those home so house guests can have something to use. Lately, they're just everywhere in my cupboard.
Found this at Crossing's Dept Store at an incredible price of P399.75. It's not Dimensione quality but...

 And I'd die in terrarium heaven, if I can have these in our place and even in my office. 

One day, I'd be able to curate a pretty home. And truly be living a homemaker's life. 



Photo Credit: Pinterest

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