Thursday, March 28, 2013

Apartment 1B

It's one of those nondescript neighborhood restaurants tucked in the little corners of a village... in Makati. Apartment 1B looks very low key yet it has this quiet vibe of being hip yet cozy. 

I've walked by this restaurant hundreds of times since I live in the village for so many years. Yet, I felt intimidated going in by myself. And the occasion never seem to rise. But lately, my friends and I are dining at places that are not nestled inside the mall. In other words, not so mainstream. It has nothing to do with being snotty; just trying to find a new place we can build memories with. 
Hungry bellies: Dawn, Me-an, Me, Kat and Mara
I wish Tyrone, the hubby was with us. But he was still at work. And it was a ladies night kind of event. :-)

Reservation was at 7pm. As always, we had to brisk walk from the office so we don't lose it. Kat got us a table with a couch. Sweet. Table for 5 for Kat Diaz? "This way, please." It feels so grown up. 

The restaurant is very cozy, soft lighting and all. The best part is it's really a place for intimate conversations. And the menu is delightful. We had a hard time choosing. Everything it offers screams gourmet comfort food. 
Beef Burger (P380)
Meat Loaf (P480)
Grilled Pork Chops (P510)
Those who are on a Cohen diet would be happy to know that the restaurant serves food for them. Here's a sample from the menu which Kat swears as very filling and yum. 
Pan seared tuna (P340)
We paired our scrumptious food with a bottle of Red Cabernet Sauvignon.
Cabernet Sauvignon (P785/bottle)
I know that it's a Wednesday night but there's a long weekend coming so we celebrated. And it is Dawn's official first pay as an associate. Yay. Plus, it's early payday and bonus day rolled into one. (On a side note, my bonus is blah. But it's better than nothing. And am just grateful that I received a portion. There's mid-year to look forward to -- forward looking!)

So, if you're looking for a quiet place with good food, Apartment 1B is a nice place. 

Apartment 1B
One Lafayette Square
G/F One Lafayette Square, 132 Sedeno Street
Salcedo Village, Makati
02 843 4075



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