Monday, November 7, 2011


I wish I've traveled so I can say that my long weekend was well spent. But I didn't; I stayed home. I tried to catch up on sleep and reading. 
I read some books. And I wrote a few entries into my blog. Alternating between naps (long ones) and social networking is finding time to write down my thoughts, observations and reflections. 

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to browse through some old pictures that made me smile and ponder. Where does the time go? Long before social networking, my best friend and I, would write letters each week without fail. I was in Cebu and she was based in our home town, Davao back then. 

Eagerly, we would send each other letters through a courier service so we won't have to wait too long. Snail mail was too painfully slow. As soon as we've posted our mails, we would then inform each other through email that the missives are now on their way. 

We were at it for quite a while. As fate would have it, she would work as well in Cebu. Then, we shared a small but cozy studio for more than two years. We partied together, we dated together. 

And then life happened. We shared our own moments of disconnect but we still managed to be the friends that we were. Somewhere along the way, Jinggay decided to go back home and pursue her post graduate studies. When it was time for her to leave, I cried buckets. 

But true friendships transcend time and distance. We've managed to stay in touch despite the crazy schedule and our priorities. I've moved to different cities several times. But what remained constant was our friendship. I've met and broke up with a guy whom I thought I was destined to be and yet, Jinggay and I were still as solid as ever. 

I went home for her wedding. I was her maid of honor. 
Few pounds ago :-) xoxo
The letters are now few and far between but when you have a strong foundation, you can always manage to pick up where you've left off whenever you see each other. Christmas is a tradition that we have kept through the years. It's a visit and a reconnection.

So, while I didn't go to any exotic place this long weekend, I had the privilege of traveling back in time. Am in bed surrounded by those letters we've exchanged through the years. I've moved countless times, zip code and all but one item that is non-negotiable is my treasure box where all my mementos are stored. Those short and long letters that never fail to remind me why I took the journey. 

It's a happy staycation, after all!

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