Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

'Tis the season of giving once again. I can imagine how tired you must be with all the traveling and gift-giving. And am sure it's exhausting to read all the wishes of the kids the world over and some adults, too. 

Because I'm still a believer of your generosity, not out of my childlike wonder, but because I need to hold on to something that symbolizes hope for me. And so this year, I made my Christmas Wishlist. 
Don't act so surprised. It's a very short list, you know :-))

It would be grand if you can tolerate all of my whims and decide to shut me up by dropping all of these items onto my front door. I wouldn't mind the hard work to sort everything out. 

But I know how swamped you are so am going to keep my list short. 

1. Food on the table for every household. 
2. All street children to spend noche buena at home and not on the streets. 
3. Good cheer for those who are confined in hospitals. 
4. A reason to smile for those who need to work on Christmas eve. 
5. A grateful heart by everyone who is blessed, small or big. 

And for myself, I want a few things too: 
6. Money to spend. 
7. Gifts to give. 
8. Gifts to receive. 
9. A nice pair of pumps. 
10. A nice pair of flats. And if you can throw in that watch I've been drooling about for a long time now, it shall be a bonus.

If you want me to be specific, I can email you the brands that am setting my sights on. Ha ha ha.

Santa, I shall await at the stroke of midnight on the 25th. Don't worry, I'll pretend to be asleep before then so you don't have to rush. You might forget something in your sack. 

Merry Christmas!


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