Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thursday, the US would celebrate its Thanksgiving Day. To the Americans, it's way bigger than Christmas Day. It's the only time of the year when everyone celebrates it regardless of race, religious affinity or social status. It's the time of the year that they publicly declare their gratitude. 

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I'd like to share my thoughts on what I am thankful for. 

My faithful God. Every christian friend of mine would say that your relationship with the Lord,  is between you and Him. No one can measure or weigh how deep it is for the both of you. But when I closely examine my life, I know how I short-change Him. Yet, despite my unfaithfulness, my God never forsake me. In his infinite wisdom and unconditional love. I am loved even as a wayward child. I am thankful that I have an awesome God. 

My family.  I grew up in a family that do not verbalize our affection for each other. There were years when I was a bratty, spoiled poor kid, that I resented them, especially my parents. Wisdom, age or time may have healed me because when I look back at those rebellious years, I feel shame. I cannot imagine what my family have to put up with. But I know that I was loved and I was just too much of a fool not to recognize it. My rebellious heart was more dangerous because it never manifested in my ways, in my speech and in my outward life. The unpleasant truth is they were all in my head, rotting my heart. For a time, the devil did make my idle mind its workshop. But my family's love saw me through that dark time, unwittingly. 

So, to my mom and dad, thank you. To my brothers, I love you all inasmuch as you love me. To my tito, grandpa and grandma, I pray that you are now with the Lord. I hope that at some point, I have made you feel loved and appreciated. To my Tita Gloria, thank you for taking care of me, as if I'm your daughter. Now that am grown up, you still fret over me. It embarrasses me that you make coffee for me in that special cup, you reserve just for me. I pray that very soon, I would be the one to take care of you. I am thankful for a loving family.

My fiance. Tyrone has to put up with me. In my twisted world, I don't recognize how my brattiness manifest in our interactions and conversations. Oftentimes, he would remind me that am not at home so I have to tone it down. Yet, at the end of the day, I know in my heart, that I am loved and accepted. I am thankful for a God-given partner.

My friends. I have lived away from home for so long that without friends the days and years may have been unbearable. But God saw me through the difficult times by sending me beautiful and fabulous friends. Am truly blessed. I am thankful for friends who rebuke but never judge.

My work. There's so much to be thankful for in spite of the pain, the challenges, the heartaches, and the sorrows. When some people barely find a job that they like, I have one that pays well. And where I am today, God allowed me to grow from where I was planted. I weathered several seasons, endured temperaments and nursed ill-feelings. But at the end of the day, it paved a way for a better person to emerge. I truly believe that. It's like turning a new leaf, each time a life-changing event happens. In the workplace, where we spend most of our waking hours, I believe that it's a good place to start growing. I am thankful that I have a workplace that values talent and opens opportunities. 

My blessings. In the limited reach of my sane mind, I understand that man's need for material things can be insatiable. There's always something that we want to need. We live in a society that puts a premium to those with more. Some fall into the trap of keeping up with the Joneses. However, I take comfort that in moments of clarity, my upbringing reminds to be thankful for what I have. I cannot afford what most of my peers have but am glad that I have tamed my envious heart. I realized that there's more to life than an endless cycle of accumulation of material things.  Truly, I am thankful that I am blessed with so much.

What about you, what are you thankful for? 
Happy thanksgiving, everyone! (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)


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