Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas is in the air... and on the trees!

November 16, 2011. My friends and I went to dinner at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. It's just a few minutes away from our office so, it's very convenient. And upon my prodding we were all set to eat at Kanin Club. 

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is always busy regardless of season. It's teeming with people who are out on a run to train or to lose some unwanted pounds. Also, of those who do not care about the pounds. Hey, am in the Philippines. Peso is the currency. Hehehe. 

Like them, I belong to the latter's category, if you need to put each one into a box. As we enter the gate, we saw that the ancient acacia trees at the far end, now christened as Christmas Trees for the season, especially looked festive. 

Am a sucker for Christmas carols, the kind that makes you a little weepy on the inside. But the gardens fitted with speakers at strategic areas were softly humming beautiful, happy carols. At first the music was just faint then, when we were really inside already, the music has established that it made for a wonderful background noise. 

My heart raced and I felt so giddy when I saw this. 
My iPhone's camera didn't do justice.

Especially that I took that photo from a hundred yards away. What was I thinking?! Well, you can't fault a girl for hoping. Fortunately or unfortunately, there's a long queue at the restaurant. We were #11 on the wait-list. Yet again, I persuaded my friends to go nearer the installation. So, I dragged Mars and Erica with me. Mei stayed with Armin (saving our wait-listed table). And of course, Armin couldn't be bothered. It was so hot! She can't stand the humidity hence the ever-reliable fan she carries around, everyday. Hehehe. Mara got derailed by her nightly (?) conference call :-) But she did make it. It took us an hour of patiently waiting -- for our table. Ha!
Dark, eh? Need a better camera. Must bring, next time.

In spite of, despite the bad lighting, you can tell these two are sassy pretty ladies.

Armed with minimal interviewing skills, we asked the guard why no one's allowed yet to roam within the circle of trees and lights. Mr. Cute Guard said, the program isn't done yet". Oh, it's the opening night! 

I must say, we are so lucky. It's like a windfall. 
Let the symphony of lights begin.

Yes, you read it right. The lights dance to the tune as it plays in the background. Pretty hi-tech stuff -- to a barrio girl.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Here's another one.

Can't get enough.

The stars have come down from the heavens.

The kids were very ecstatic seeing these.

If you're not feeling the holiday spirit yet, do watch the light show and it will lift you up. It starts twinkling and dancing at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Everyday. Come, it'd be awesome. 

Once again, the small town girl in me is floored. Nothing like this in my home town. Without a doubt, my little niece and nephews would be floored, too, if only they're here. Aw.

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