Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hot, hot Ilocos!

I arrived at Laoag International Airport at high noon, today. Yahoo weather registered the temperature at 35 degrees. Whew, hot!

This, I think, is already my fourth time in Ilocos, second in Laoag. In Vigan, my accommodation was always at the Vigan Plaza which is within the Heritage Village, the UNESCO protected site. Have good memories there. Will write a blog about it. 

In Laoag, I stayed at the Malacanang of the North, the first time. Today, I am staying at the charming Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino. Yes, it's old. Very old world. And steeped with history. Especially, if you judge it by the photographs mounted on the arches and walls of the main reception hall.

What impresses me most about this place is the fact that it is solidly build with fine materials like Vigan tiles and hard wood, as planks and ceiling. The expanse of the premises is breathtaking. If only the management (Government?) would develop some more the landscaping of the gardens and the little pockets of smaller themed gardens, it would be really one for the books. 

As I took a break from work this afternoon, yes, I came here for work, I explored the place. I acted like a tourist for about over an hour. Interestingly, I caught a beautiful sunset. Of late, I have developed a fascination for sunsets. 

Here are some photos I've managed to snap from my iPhone. Hope you enjoy them. 
Beautiful arch.
Arches everywhere.
 Finely crafted furniture. The ceiling has cornices with delicately hand-carved intricate flowers.
Balcony with a view.
A Northern Sunset. Beautiful, isn't it?
Hopefully, I can post some more pictures tomorrow. I'd like to include a picture or two of La Preciosa.

Good night from Ilocandia!

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