Monday, April 2, 2012


In March, we walk to the beat of life's drum with more spring in our steps. Traditionally, it marks the passage of time. Of beginnings. And endings. 

Tying the knot. School graduation. Women's month. Earth Hour. Travel. Springtime. Or summer. 

The kids had a grand time on their moving up days. The adults smile and the parents are bursting with pride in their hearts. The little ones are getting ready for the world. They show off their little talents -- out of tune song number, uncoordinated dance steps, and the beautiful chaos, that's associated when all the children in the world are gathered in one room.  Ah, it's called, play. 

Quo vadis, that's what is asked of college graduates. Now that they're officially adults, it's time for them to find their own niche in this world. It marked the passage of years learning life in the comfort of the walls of the academe. They now have to shake off the giddiness of youth to enter into the austere corporate world of adults. And for those who are braver, they begin to build their entrepreneurial empire. 

Somewhere along the way, the once carefree teens are thinking of building a life with their God's gift. I've been fortunate to witness two friends who had beautiful wedding ceremonies. In a space of one week, I've attended two celebrations. The first one, a study in restraint, serenity and formality. The second, a burst of pastel colors in the midst of a mango farm. 

Both spoke volume to me. Both communicated their love for each other, not just in spoken words but in the way the air was just permeated with the glow of love, from the couple to everyone privileged enough to witness the events. 

This is a salute to life's continuous thread that unravels with each passing of time and of each celebration. 
Sketch by Gio, the genius.

The girls of Table 10.

Cam whoring while waiting for the party to start.

Thanks, Erica. You've thought of others even if it's your special day. 

If you think positively
Sound becomes Music
Movement Becomes Dance
Smile Becomes Laughter
Mind Becomes Meditation
And Life Becomes a Celebration - Anon

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