Monday, April 2, 2012

Earth Hour

This year, we missed the Earth Hour celebration. But the significance is not lost in me. My personal crusade has always been to lessen my carbon footprint. 

Living in the city has afforded so many conveniences but it comes with so much responsibility attached to it. Unfortunately, for most city folks, this is a blur to the hustle and bustle of everyday living. 

This year's campaign of "I will, if you will" is something that anyone can do. Even if we don't submit a video to broadcast our pledge. 

I've always advocated a greening of the metropolis. I really don't know how to get my message across to the authorities but I've always fantasized about more trees or shrubs in the metro. The streets are virtually no-tree zone as it is very congested already and will take so much political power, am afraid our local officials don't have the bone to do it, I surmised we can persuade all building developers to put up roof gardens. 
Beautiful roof garden, eh?
Imagine seeing all of the metro's buildings sporting a green roof top. Imagine that.
 My goal this year is to grow as many potted plants as I can. 
Am looking at planting ornamental bamboos in my new patio.
My plant in the office. I hope to add one more vase by this month.
 This year, I hope I'll be brave enough to do something about my dream of greening the city.

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