Friday, March 6, 2015

Tickled Pink Baby Shower

To say that am floored is an understatement. Good thing I was able to contain my tear ducts, I didn't shed a tear when my Channel Enablement team mates surprised me with the most 'sosyal' Tickled Pink Baby Shower. 

I'm so tickled pink that these super busy friends took the time to prepare for my very creative and fun baby shower. Ha ha ha. It helps when you're with the visual merchandising team, campaign energy people, my own group - the digital unit and everyone else that are not from our team but are my friends. Some didn't make it because of meetings galore! We missed you, Claire, Ms Mitzie, Zarah and Mars! I ate your cake and pizza.

The invite.
I'm so amazed that everyone involved did this under my nose; was so clueless! Everyone is so busy. And today of all days is a especially toxic day. Close of the campaign and preps for the incoming campaign -- story of our life in Avon. 

The team, despite the toxic events of the day, managed to transform our former APAC Head's office into a tickled pink party venue. 

details, details. 

 The set-up was so pretty. And the food was more than abundant.
Estrel's caramel cake. 

Pizza overload... from S&R
I forgot to take a photo of the tub of ice cream and some of the chips. Needless to say, we went home stuffed. 
Picture first before the game began.
Some games. 

 Then, the gift-giving. 

Dear Baby Kate, Tita Mei's gift came with a lovely card.


Thanks for joining, Mirs! Wonderful surprise.

Thank you, team! So useful. 

This post is three month's late but I just want to take a moment to thank my friends and colleagues who showered with gifts, laughter and good cheer. You are all very thoughtful and sweet.

Not in the picture: CAPE, Mars, and Kaye who needed to step out for meetings. And Jaypee who took the pictures. Ching and her boys -- thanks, Ching for the really pretty set.

Thank you, guys! Kate will grow up loved and grateful. 



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