Friday, March 6, 2015

Afternoon Tea Baby Shower

This is such a late post. But I want to commit it to memory. And be able to thank my good friends who went out of their way to give me a baby shower. 

And so this was my third baby shower just a few days shy of my delivery date. 

My colleagues and lunch buddies aren't big on surprises. So, they've made it known that they're arranging a baby shower for me. On the day of the event, they still managed to surprise. Good job, guys. And thank you. We will be forever grateful. In the near future, Kate will be able to read this -- she'll know how well she's loved by mommy's friends. 

Kat, the game master. 
Some of the gifts we received.

Thank you, guys!

I know this was super effort on your part. I am really, really grateful. One day, soon Kate will be very grateful to you, as well. Although, you have yet to fulfill your promises of teaching her to paint, play the piano, play the guitar, and what have you. 



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