Thursday, March 5, 2015

Succulent obsession

During my maternity leave, I was obsessed with two things: my newborn and plants. I was constantly in dire need to be surrounded by plants. I was wistful. I was itching to start a pocket garden. If it can't be had, at least a teacup garden. Even if I don't have a green thumb. 

Before the succulents, there were the terrariums. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I've set my sights on some gorgeous planters I saw in Landmark. One of these days, I will really set aside some time to put some on my balcony and on the window sill of my tiny kitchen. 

For now, these are my reality. 
I have this plant for about two years already. 

Soon, am going to have a small green space at home for that extra oomph with the added benefit of a cleaner air we breathe. And a tiny contribution to lessening my carbon footprint. 

How about you? 



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