Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wooden Spoon: Scrumptious Pinoy Food

Comfort food to me means Filipino food. Whenever I want to have a truly happy belly, I choose a Filipino restaurant when dining out. 

We had our sights trained on a new restaurant that opened in Rockwell's Power Plant Mall but alas, it was close last Sunday. So, we head to my palate's first love -- Pinoy Food. 

Say, hello to Wooden Spoon. 

The interior's quite literal with wooden spoons hanging on the ceiling. Okay, they were spoon chandeliers. It's homey. And gives off a good vibe. Really suitable for families dining in. Booths are roomy, too.

The menu is minimalist but packs a punch on the choices. The dishes are that good that we had to resort to the ubiquitous, "extra rice." It rarely happens even with our apparent appetite for food.

Traditionally done Dinuguan. Really, really good. (P250)

Adobo Flakes (P195)

Kare-kare (P272)

Binagoongan (P207)

Adobong Kangkong (P179)

It was such a pleasant experience that I told my friends to check it out. We will definitely go back, too!

Wooden Spoon
Concourse Level, Rockwell Power Plant Mall



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