Friday, November 29, 2013

Autumn in Seoul: Namsan Park

Our first stop in this beautiful city was Namsan National Park. Well, it's a mountain so getting there can be a bit of a challenge. If you're part of a tour group, you ride the tour bus. If you're like us -- you have two options: 1) get there on foot 2) take the cable car. We took the second option and decided to go on foot, going down.

Hanbok: Korean Traditional Dress.

The Seoul Tower
The requisite jump shot!

I wonder what has happened to the love story of the lovers who professed their undying love here.

Love is all we need.

Taking selfie to another level!

I think Koreans are the cheesiest people on earth! Even their swept leaves are formed into hearts. Look at the photo above. It's just one of the many. 
Squirrels abound. How cute is that?

The park is so massive, one can easily get lost. Just like us. Ha ha ha.

Just the perfect backdrop if your home away from home is the Grand Hyatt. 

The moment I laid out my eyes on the color of leaves, I promptly fell in love with Fall/Autumn. It was awesome. It was amazing. All these from the eyes of a barrio girl who grew up with endless banana trees around me. 

So, we had a grand time... playing, sitting on benches and let the minutes and hours just tick by. And the shutterbugs in us kicked in -- full blast. On day 1, Tyrone has taken over 800 photos. 

To me, vacation always meant an opportunity to gain insight into other people's culture. Beyond the pretty photographs are a glimpse of the vastness of the universe, the chance to widen your circle of influence and to broaden your perspective. 

As all day 1s go, we all came back to our hostel tired and on our weary feet. The pain on my calves can attest to that. But we were eagerly looking forward to the next day to see what tomorrow has to offer in this foreign land of Kimchi, Korean Novelas and beauty junkies. 



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