Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stay fresh after the rain!

Yolanda's wrath devastated so many lives it is so heartbreaking even thinking about it. I believe that each of us wishes to do our share to help provide the basic needs of the victims. If we can just all go to the ravaged towns and cities in Leyte and Samar, it would be a lot better than inaction. 

Somehow, it's not feasible yet. Not even prudent to add to the chaos right now. It would be wise to leave to the organized relief groups the distribution of much needed relief as they have the system and the expertise. 

On our end, we can help raise funds so that those immediate needs can be provided. Now, most fund raising campaigns are focused on food and water. But lest we forget the victims do need clean and fresh undergarments, too. So, we are appealing to the generosity of friends to help us raise money to buy Hygiene Kits. 
Leave a comment or reach out to us through Twitter or email, if you want to be part of this campaign. No contribution is too small to make a difference in the thousands of lives affected by the super typhoon. 

In September of last year, we ran a similar campaign through Twitter and we were able to raise P13,840 which we gave to RockEd's underwear campaign and to UNICEF

Help us, help more friends in Samar and Leyte to Stay Fresh After The Rain!



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