Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's the first time that I participated in a Trick or Treat event for kids of Avon associates at the office. I have known (since last week) that we were given themes per floor so we can dress up our area when the kids arrive to trick or treat. 

But we thought someone was already in charge until the day before the event when we didn't see anyone putting in cobwebs or anything that seem spooky. At around 4pm, we had an epiphany to put in a bit of an effort. So, we collected a few pesos from each of our team members and borrowed some props from the props room of the creatives department. 

This is our last minute entry. Our version of Pinoy Horror Movie.

White Lady.

The candies we managed to buy from our very limited funds! hahaha
Early morning of the 30th, everyone on our floor got on board with the idea of dressing up the area as well as putting everyone in character. We got busy with only about 30 minutes to spare before judging time. 
These 3 were a hit during photo ops with the kids and parents!


And then we sneaked a peek on the other floors' setup. Oh my! They went crazy with their floor design. Ours looked like it's been hurriedly put up (which is true)...

The 7th floor's version of Harijuko.

themed candy stations

 Associates in character!

The 9th floor's Superhero setup. I must say they have the most generous stations for treats: coloring book, pencils, loot bag, etc. Does it make sense when colleagues conclude that it's because they're from Finance and HR? Much moolah.

This is the 10th floor's scooby-doo set. We were floored because it looked like they really went all out with their props.

The 11th floor, the home of our creatives department and marketing colleagues, was not quite done yet when we looked around. 

Later on, we saw the finished set and was impressed! They had a candy buffet!

Before the kids when floor to floor, the floor winners were announced. Obviously, the 7th floor got the nod of the board of judges. Surprisingly, we came in fourth. Lol! Not bad for an almost spur of the moment design idea.

When the kids reached our floor, I was taken aback. There were so many of them, all pushing their candy baskets at me that I was almost afraid I'd run out of candy. (Read: Remember, we only have less than full bowl.)

My first office halloween event was a hit, both kids and adults had fun. It was truly a spook-tacular celebration. 

How was your trick or treat experience? 



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