Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2014 Holidays

The government has already announced the 2014 holiday schedule. Isn't it awesome? A few years back, everyone in my office scrambles to get a hold of a government memo for the holiday dates sometime in January or February. 

Not for 2014 though. As early as September, the schedule has been released, circulated in social media and pored over by yuppies for travel dates. 
Photo Credit: Rappler
Amongst my girlfriends, the holy week days are calendared for a trip to Bali. It's an exciting prospect considering that we can't even agree to have a weekend lunch in Alabang, unwind in Nasugbu or even take Sandra's offer to bake at her house in Ayala Alabang. 

And then, the hubby wants to have a real honeymoon (read: travel) early next year. In the pipeline is our annual summer beach getaway to somewhere-not-mainstream-but-cool place. Plus the usual home visits to my own family in Davao and the hubby's in Cebu. 

These plans glaringly sits on the opposite side of the spectrum with our plan to save in 2014, for our new house and hopefully, a baby. 

How about you? What are your 2014 holiday plans?



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