Friday, November 23, 2012

Travel Companions x Kate Spade

I must confess that when it comes to bags, I'd choose Kate Spade anytime. In my previous post, I admitted that I have my dream bags, dream brands. Someday.

On any given day though, I browse through the shelves of Kate Spade, at the shops or online. So, when my good friend Mei went to New York two weeks ago, I asked her to buy me a few KS stuff. She searched high and low, nada. 

We had to have an emergency skype session! Hiding my dismay, I told her that perhaps am not meant to have them. But since she's a very resourceful person, she found a way to buy the items on my wishlist online. Pronto, it got shipped to her sister's house in Oklahoma as she spent the last leg of her vacation there. Ate Christy, thank you for paying for my stash! We learned that Asian-issued credit cards aren't accepted in the US for online payment these days. Boo!

This morning, I received my smells-like-stateside Kate Spade stuff. 
Of course, the purple color. (Apologies, I haven't taken a snap of my bag yet. This one from Kate Spade online.)

Swag passport holder. Am celebrating my change in status!
These two are my essentials for the next travel season. Am keeping my fingers crossed that my EENT will give me the clearance to fly, very soon. 

Welcome aboard, Kates!

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