Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Samsonite Travel Lock

What comes to mind when one is given a TSA-approved luggage lock? Travel, of course. 
Thank you, Avon Philippines for this cool token!
Recently, we attended Avon Philippines' Q5 Conference -- last rally, stretch for the year. This is to ensure that no one, absolutely no one, let go of the 2012 sales objectives. 

The year is not a walk in the park. There are so many variables at play that we have to ensure everyone holds on to the same card. It was a sales rally and at the same time a moment of great motivational grain to the team. Avon associates have had always been known to pull a miracle, each time. 

So everyone looks forward to the 2013 landscape, we were given a taste of what or where could be, if we hit the 2012 targets. The 2013 conference will be in the land of cherry blossoms and san rio. 
Hello, Osaka!
Before having a sip of sake though we need to close the year with a bang. So, friends buy your gifts at any Avon branch store. Now. Or check us out at

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