Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Endings

Last night, we formally bid adieu to the coolest and hippest boss ever, TJ Nadres. Of course, we were sad but as the man himself reiterated there's nothing to be gloomy about. After all, friendship doesn't have to be confined in the office. 
Fantasizing on all long weekends.
He says that his 13 year stay in Avon can be akin to a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs, happy and not-so happy moments but definitely worth the experience. 

We held the intimate dinner at Romulo Cafe along Jupiter Street in Makati. The ambiance served as a fitting background to the occasion. The food was unpretentious, very apt for the Filipino palate. But it was served with panache. Just like the man of the hour. 

Almost everyone had a chance for short speeches which were at times emotional, others downright funny. The recollections were of times when he was there when needed whether for work or just personal advice. 


And then, for those who couldn't come but have shared memories with him sent pictures. So, Zarah made a scrapbook on a 13 year flashback. Ah, the pictures tell a thousand stories. We saw the progression from small to large. Hi hi hi. 
Thank you, Mr TJ! We will miss your goofy self and your pearls of wisdom. But as we have agreed, we would still see each other for our monthly get-together. And on Monday for our private chill session with our small yet solid OpsDev team. 



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