Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy belly at Romulo Cafe

I have been intrigued by this restaurant for sometime now. It's en route going home. Whenever I see its facade, I have this incredible feeling of happiness. You see, Romulo Cafe along Jupiter Street in Makati, at the outset looks like an oversized gift. The wrapping is so beautiful, you feel either intimidated or excited to see what's on the inside. 
Romulo Cafe. 2011 Best Restaurant Awardee.
From the street, the lighting and decor are so beautiful, it manages to invade your mind and leave a mark there. To me, it's a special place. I've been telling my friends about it for sometime but we never seem to agree on a date. Life gets in the way, you know. 

So, on Thursday, August 16 we found the special reason for our first encounter with this much-anticipated cafe. We bid adieu to our former boss, TJ who is off to start a new life as an entrepreneur. 

When I walked in at the cafe, I had this heady feeling of meeting an old friend. It's like walking into a dream. The restaurant owner(s) took great pains in creating a relaxed atmosphere. You'd know that here you can have great conversations and quiet dinners. 

As starters, we have two dishes. In the excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the lumpia. 
It's unconventional, yes. But I found it too difficult to chew. (Pinoy Nachos)
Sinigang na salmon sa miso. Absolutely divine.
These were followed by mouth-watering dishes that delight the senses as well as our sensibilities. By the middle of the courses, we have just surrendered to the fact that this is not a night for eating like a bird.
Laing. Just the right bite of hot chili and an agreeable amount of coconut milk.
Sigarilyas with tinapa. Am not a fan of sigarilyas. But it did surprise me. Yum.
Pancit na puti. The absence of color will deceive you. It tastes heavenly.
Beef Caldereta -- melts in your mouth goodness.
Pork Binagoongan in a bed of grilled eggplant.
Rice cake dipped in native chocolate.
I'd say that although am adventurous when it comes to cuisine, I have always been partial to Filipino food. I'd pick it anytime over fancy European or continental dishes. Lately, I've caught myself enjoying more and more fusion Asian cuisine or even the rare authentic hole in the wall cafes.

At Romulo Cafe, one would shell out about P500 per person to enjoy great Filipino dishes. When there, you'd wish your kitchen and dining area are just like it back home.

Whether dinner for two or for big groups (ours was a party of 30), you'd find that Romulo Cafe is up to the challenge. The dining experience will be a good conversation starter. Service is excellent. So, no grumpy moments or grumbling stomachs.

I would even go as far as recommend it to friends who have family relations coming home from abroad or for fellowship nights with colleagues and a foreign visitor, in tow.

If you want a happy belly go to Romulo Cafe.

Romulo Cafe
148 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati
(adjacent to Corner Tree Cafe)
Tel. Nos. 822-0286, 478-6406
Open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 to 11 p.m. daily


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