Monday, March 5, 2012

Wanted: Dream Job

I was trying to dream of my fantasy life today. And I shared it with my friends during lunch. Yes, I was trying to regale them with my tale on how I am going to be a fab driver. 
Yes, she's my peg when I get my dream job.

And yes, my dream job is that of an executive driver. Not a family driver. Or any other driver. Here are the reasons, why not: 
1.) a taxi driver can be held up; you have no control over the scent your passengers will carry with them 
2.) a bus driver is a hideous profession; motorists abhor them because they're undisciplined and they tend to cause not just traffic but a lot of road accidents
3.) a jeepney driver is a thankless job; you ply the avenues and boulevards for a few pesos per passenger under the scorching heat of the sun and the smog-filled air. Then, some passengers would even dare not pay the fare!
4.) a family driver is like a headless chicken. Enough said.

But an executive driver has a lot of perks:
1.) when the boss is just in the office, you're left to your own devices at the driver's lounge
2.) when the boss is on a business trip, you don't have to go to work
3.) the car you drive is in tip-top shape so there's a very slim chance that it'll breakdown in the middle of a highway
4.) driving a luxury car must feel good... even if you don't own it!

Because an executive driver has so much time in his/her hand, I have already lined up my personal improvement activities so that I can serve my boss as efficiently, as possible. And I'd like to live that credo of going the extra mile. I will...

1.) read books on my iPad -- will immensely entertain me and will improve my vocab (by the way, this is my favorite past time and it's interfering with my work-life balance)
2.) write blogs using my MacAir -- very handy! light as a feather. And if my boss is pressed for time, I can offer to make his PPT presentations or simple AVPs
3.) actively moderate an online book club -- I have to ensure that our driver's lounge has a wifi connectivity

I know all these entail a lot of money. And we all know that executive drivers are not exactly paid gazillions so I decided that I would just live a spartan life. I will move into a bedspacer in a relatively safe neighborhood so I can afford my lifestyle in my chosen vocation. 

And if my boss would take a long vacation, I may just get a second job as a part-time Barista. (It's my second dream job!)

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