Thursday, March 8, 2012

Urban Living

When I was living in a small town in the province, I'd be home by six o'clock in the evening. I had always been a nocturnal person though. Since there are very few choices for night time activities, you either choose to be a couch potato or cocoon in your reading corner. 

If we're lucky and the night is wonderfully moonlit, we'd play patintero. I think this is my only sport. Ha ha ha. It's a bonding activity amongst neighbors. Sometimes, the adults would join in the fray. 

In my teens, the game lost its appeal to most of us. Choir membership was in vogue in my time! Unfortunately, I haven't been gifted with any musical talent, at all. It's a department I so wanted to be good at. Being tone deaf is not something that can just be ignored. 

Then, almost suddenly I found myself living in the metro -- where days and nights, overlap. My non-existent social life suddenly bloomed. 

These days, my after office hours are filled with activities that otherwise I wouldn't be doing in my past life. Some nights, I go to my fave salon for a hair trim. Other nights, I'd meet up with friends to re-group, to re-connect or to re-energize. It could be just over a cup of coffee punctuated with long chats or over dinner, which is becoming to be a mainstream, default activity of choice. 
At BGC Central with Josette and Cathy.
At Aria in BGC Central.
At Starbucks Greenbelt 3.

Some nights, I'd have my nails done. Like tonight. I actually have a few minutes left to meet a friend so we can hang out at our favorite nail spa. 
Obsessing with my bangs.
Why do I all these things at night? I don't really know. Maybe it's because of the simple fact that I'd rather stay home during the weekend to catch up on my reading and sleep. 

Life is changing. The years have turned the tides of my life into different directions. The fabric of my core however remains. Am still a barrio girl that is just thrown into the arena of metropolitan living.

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