Friday, March 2, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers

We decided to snip away some of the stress of corporate life last night at StudioFix by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center. Of course, my hairstylist Hermes, who's taking Personality Development lessons in John Roberts Power, know that am just in for a trim. I have this weird fixation on the quality of my bangs, and of its length. And Hermes knows that I am as thrilled with StudioFix's segafredo coffee that I drink black -- that good!

My friend Erica had her hair colored, highlights and lowlights, name it. And the result is just fabulous. Naturally, we were famished afterwards. But the restaurants in the mall were mostly closed already. 

One shining beacon that welcomed us was the Bulgogi Brothers. We've never tried it so, we don't know what to expect. 

Once seated, our table manager presented us with the menu. Erica and I both settled with the Beef Bibimbap. A few minutes later, our waiter came back with all these, on the house. 
Side dishes galore. On the house.
 These were served to us with a flourish. Really appreciated. And we were served with its house tea that tasted so good, we finished the content of the pitcher. 
House Tea.
 Dinner was this. 
Beef Bibimbap (P395).
 It's delish! You have to dip it in the miso soup for a twist.

Dining at Bulgogi Brothers is an experience worth repeating. Good food, nice ambience and excellent customer service. 

Try it.

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