Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taipei Diaries: The Sights

The sights in Taipei are a mix of the old and the new. 

Day 1 was spent exploring Taipei 101, Taipei's most recognizable landmark. It resembles a giant beanstalk.

For a time, it was the tallest building in Asia. For now, it is the world's tallet green building. And before The Burj Dubai, its elevator system was the fastest in the world. 

Damper: a 660 ton pendulum designed to make Taipei 101 withstand typhoon and earthquake. 

Interesting art installation. Infinite Life is made from the elevator cables of Taipei 101. 

 And this commissioned LOVE installation. 

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. 

From the Chiang Kai Shik memorial, we feasted on the thousands of artifacts and art pieces at the National Palace Museum. It boasts of the largest selection of Chinese Imperial artifacts and artworks than mainland China. 

A beautiful walkway by the National Museum.
And of course, the obligatory temple stop. Before the day ended, we visited Longshan Temple. 

And the most happening place in Taipei is called Ximending. 

Within the Ximending district is this famous Red House. 

We ended our first day with a feast at Taipei's most famous night market, Shilin Night Market.

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