Monday, April 7, 2014

Cambodia Diaries: The Temple of Phnom Bakheng

Most, if not all, of the temples in Angkor Wat are in ruins; in different degrees of severity. That is why rumors have been circulating for years that at some point it will be closed for restoration works. 

UNESCO, the Cambodian government through APSARA are hand-in-hand in preserving and restoring this archeological wonder. It's not only relevant for its religious significance; the engineering and architectural designs are noteworthy, too. Until today, it's still being studied by different experts, the world over. 

Time and political strife had been too unkind to the Temple of Phnom Bakheng. It's a temple that sits on a hill that provides a breathtaking view of the Angkor Wat Temple. 

Today, in spite and because of the influx of tourists, the temple only allows 300 visitors daily. It's too sacred to the Khmer people that guests who are in shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed to go up the hill.


Phnom Bakheng is also famous for its awesome sunsets. At around three o'clock, visitors are already flocking to the site to set up and be ready to capture that Siem Reap sunset. 

Unlike in Pre Rup, the sunset view here has an incredible horizon to lend any sunset shot a very romantic texture. 

Don't forget to put it in your temple list when you explore Angkor Wat. 




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