Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cambodia Diaries: The Pink Temple of Prasat Kravan

We started our Angkor Wat visit with a short glimpse of Prasat Kravan. To enter the Angkor Wat Complex, one must secure a ticket. There are 1-day (USD 20), 3-day (USD 40) and 7-day (USD 50) passes.
Buy your ticket here. Each tourist is required to be present as pictures are taken for each purchase. Ticket shows the ID photo of the ticket holder.

Helpful Information.

You cannot lend or sell your pass.

The temple of Prasat Kravan is quite small compared to the big temples in the Angkor Wat Complex but is worth visiting because of its uniqueness -- pink sandstone/reddish brick were used to build it. 

Temple Run?



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