Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cambodia Diaries: Pre Rup Temple

The Pre Rup Temple is where you go to see the sunset. It's less touristy than its cousin Phnom Bakheng. Personally, I found this most impressive amongst the temples in the area. Although it plays a minor historical significance in the Khmer Empire, I found myself more in awe of the architectural design of this mountain temple. 

Hello, husband. Thanks for taking all the beautiful photos. 
Tyrone, hubby and resident photographer :)
 Jump shot, check! Done 4 meters above the ground. Awesome.
What's a trip without our obligatory jump shot?

 The beginnings of the sunset.
sunset alert!

Beautiful sunset, indeed.

Hello, sunset worshipers.
Whatever the original intent of this temple, whether it served as a crematorium to the royal family, what it is today makes my heart swell. Beautiful, beautiful place. 



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