Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raffle Winner: Raffle Giveaway a la Barrio

Last September, I ran my first ever giveaway. I was celebrating the fact that I was able to keep on blogging the whole year. It was sort of my blog anniversary. To read more, click here.

My readership is not the same as those who have huge following on the blogosphere. I don't mind though. My posts are personal. And my first objective was just to write a journal of my experiences -- of my adventures, mishaps and successes in the big city. 

Somehow it has expanded to my foodie inclinations, the love of discovering new places, immersion in new culture and traveling. So, am just very glad that some people find my articles amusing and easy to relate with. 

Some take the time to comment on the comment thread. Others choose to write their thoughts on my Facebook wall. Am floored. Just knowing that these people have chosen to share with me a moment of their time is something that I shall forever treasure. 

To all of my friends and those I'd come across in this lifetime, in real life and in cyberspace, thank you for taking a journey with me. Hope that you'll find my entries entertaining and insightful as I continue to blog. 

I hope that my writing matures as I practice and just keep at it. 

To my friend, Febz who actually won in the raffle, congratulations! Am pleased to have influenced you in joining Twitter. Keep on writing and sharing your beautiful poetry. 
My friend, Febz. I meet her in Bikram Yoga. Since then we've become good friends; book club buddies in a triumvirate that includes the beautiful and yogini extraordinaire, Joyce.

Have fun with your beauty loot, Febz! Congratulations and thank you. 

To everyone, who at one time or is a regular reader of this barrio girl, thank you. 


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