Friday, May 18, 2012

Love begets love

I feel the love. The universe is on a roll sending me good vibes and that amazing outpouring of support from family and friends. And the world has truly become a global village. 
I am so overwhelmed. Right now, I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world. *silent scream* 

It started with the formal announcement on my save the date.  
a save the date cum buy your ticket now e-card to all our friends.
In a matter of hours, most of our friends have already booked their flights and reserved their hotel accommodation. I feel so blessed. 

Everyone is just so excited to be one with us in this celebration. My initial thoughts that no one would probably attend, save for a few, were thwarted when I get confirmations as early as Day 1 that they're coming. It's one event that hardly needs an RSVP. 

As a young girl, I fantasized about a fairytale wedding in a forest-like setting. It would have been a total production. Now that am older though, I realized that what I really, really want is an intimate gathering of family and friends. 

Am keeping everything, sleek and simple. Befitting to a laid-back destination, I must say. I no longer want the frou-frou of celebrations like this. We dream to celebrate in muted style, understated elegance, if we can achieve it. 

The moment we declared to the world that we're indeed, getting married, the idea became real. We needed already to sit down on the planning and logistics. 

We spoke to friends who shall have a special participation on the big day. And that's when we get surprised, time and time again. 

I flew in to Cebu for work. And took a side trip (an extra weekend stay in the city) to meet with friends and share with them the news. I was looking for an officiant, and my friend re-introduced me to one. I had a chat with him and he agreed to fly to Davao. Incredible. 

The same friend will gift me with calla lilies to be flown in all the way from Baguio. And her daughter's singing, too. 
Photo credit: Pinterest

Suddenly, am all set. Nearly. The night I was to leave back to Manila, another friend met me for a night cap. She's ecstatic for me. We've friends for long that we've been through a lot of relationship conversations. And then she asked, "what can I pledge for you?" Just told her, show up, that's all. But she insisted so I promised I will think about it. 

And then, I met with my maid-of-honor, her hubby and smart kid. We had a great mongolian lunch. After a lengthy catch up, we firmed down the details. And then, she offered Cebu lechon as her present. Am I lucky or what? 

On one hand, when I flew to Davao for another business trip. I received more goodie good news. My Godparent (mom of MOH) will give me another lechon. Sigh. Am drowning in so much blessing. 

I've never been so overwhelmed in my whole life. But things keep getting better. Another good friend gave an early present. An extravagant amount for my wedding shoes. Am dreaming of a fabulous pairs of Jimmy Choo and Christian Loubotin. A girl can dream, right? So the money she gave is still in my purse, as I search for the next best thing -- a Choo and Loubi may just be a dream yet. 

All those happened last April. 

Fast forward to this month (May). 

Another surprise unfolded in the wee hours of the Thursday (May 17) morning while I valiantly tried to sleep the remaining few hours before I catch a flight back to Cebu. I was tossing around the comfortable bed of Marco Polo Davao when I just sort of give up on shut eye. Instead, I browsed through my facebook page. Thanks to free wifi!

My good friend (one of my bridesmaids, supposedly but her vacay is in December yet) who's from Canada sent me private message. She's wondering if my cake is already pledged for. If not, she will. I told her, a friend has made it her present for us. 

This morning, she sent me another message. She's sending me $$$ so I can just buy the shoes that I want. Oh my. *fans self* 

When it rains, it really pours. Another girlfriend is generously lending her ceremony stuff such as the bible, ring pillow, arrhae, fascinator (hahaha not) veil and cord. She had a beautiful wedding last March. Aw. Very pretty bride, too. 

They say a traditional wedding must-haves are: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

I think I already have them all. I have a bit of something from family and friends. We haven't tied the knot yet. The ceremony is yet to happen. But am already bursting with happiness and love. 

All of my friends have actually pledged. Some are specific for my wedding day. The rest are gifting us with their time and presence. 

See you all on the big day!

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