Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biggest Loser

It's all about winning. No one wants to be labeled as a loser. In everything that we do, our buy in, always, is what's in it for me. 

But there's one thing that everyone wants to vie for that centers on losing. In fact, being the biggest loser gives one an all-time high. In the battle of the bulge, that is. 

When January rolled by, some colleagues thought that it would be a nice idea to lose all the pounds we've piled on during the holidays. However, we only got started sometime the following month. I guess, we were still holding on to the extra poundage. Ha ha ha. 

Two months into the challenge came the moment of truth. What started as a quest for vanity, looking good, feeling good or just bagging the pot money turned into a success story. 

One of our challengers lost a total of 13lbs. The contest paved a way for a serious change in lifestyle. To him, weeknights are spent an allotted one hour (minimum) to run around the Ayala Triangle. Dinner has become carb-less. A Filipino diet basically consists a generous serving of rice. And it goes in every meal. Sometimes, even as snacks. 

One can only imagine how hard it is to give up. But he did stay on the course of his resolve. Come final weigh in, he was declared as the biggest loser! He won the pot money and got back his health. Since he embarked on his active lifestyle, he noticed that his blood pressure has neutralized. It has been over two months already that he has completely stopped taking his maintenance medication for hypertension. 
Meet Rey. He just won the bragging rights as The Biggest Loser.
Now, this is the kind of losing I won't mind. And his story has become a springboard for all the participants to really kick start with their programs. 

What about you? What's your lose weight story? Please share.

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