Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wedding Diary: Countdown to the Big Day

Today's date is June 5, 2012. According to my online wedding checklist courtesy of Bridalbook ph, I only have 19 weeks and 3 days to tick off all of my to-dos before the big day. 

And so it hit me. There are still some small details that I have to take care of. The big ones are already done, booked and paid for. 

After getting that out of the way, am now just contemplating on how to translate my laid-back provincial wedding with a touch of romance. I scoured the different corners of cyberspace for inspiration and put a visual to what I'd like to imagine it to be. Thank goodness for virtual boards such as Pinterest, the task gets easier by the day. 

By the way, my fiance is a graphic designer. So, it shall be a long and winding discussion yet before we finalize this detail. 

Here are some of my visual inspiration: 
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
My good friend Ching will trek with me to Dapitan, this weekend. Dapitan is a place where all the knick-knacks can be found. And even one of a kind design idea, handicraft-wise.

So much for being a relaxed bride-to-be, every waking moment is a slow torture knowing that I still have many small items that remained undone, both in my virtual checklist and on my handy notebook. Oh, don't forget, I also have it on my iPad. No minute detail should be missed, right? 

The day coordinator insists that I should have par lights for better lighting. But I think it would be too harsh considering that what we want is just an intimate romantic night with family and friends under the pale moon and the dark sky blanketed by softly twinkling stars. 


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