Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

When I left home last Friday, I was overcome with emotion. Saying goodbye is really never easy. I felt like crying but I did not. I don't want to be a spectacle for the neighbors. He he he. 

We spent 12 days in the barrio. It seems like a long time but it was actually too short to do anything. Internet was so intermittent we gave up on it on the next day after arrival. 

Instead, Tyrone and I slept to our hearts' content. Ate breakfast. Played with my six month old nephew. Trade kisses with my other nephew (2 year old) for a few minutes of air time on the iPad. Sometimes, we bartered them for treats. Took long naps. And read in between. 

My niece at 7 years old has already outgrown us. She already has her routine down pat. Gone were the days that she'd team up with Joshua (4), my other nephew to wake me at eight in the morning so we can laze in bed together while discussing their little lives. Children grow up so fast.

Tyrone has finished all three books of the Hunger Games set. Awesome!

Life in the barrio is more laid back than laid back Davao. Crickets dominate the neighborhood noise by eight o'clock except perhaps in our house, as my nephews are like energizer bunnies. They run around like maniacs until midnight. 

In between lazing around, we managed to go to the city to see the dancing fountain in SM, attend my brother's wedding and do some grocery shopping. 
Brotherly love.

My brother and his kiddos with my Tita Goria.

Just a fraction of my large family.
Some of our Christmas Eve spread. We invited some of the kids from the neighborhood.

Jaycee & Karen. My brother got married. 

I am the eldest and the only girl in the family. So, when I was asked to make a toast, I got emotional. Embarrassing but yes, I cried a little. Tyrone hugged me afterwards. 

So, Jaycee and Karen we wish you the best and keep on dreaming big dreams for the both of you.

Every year, we roast our own lechon. Here's Tyrone with his annual photo op with our nephew, Alexis.
I have it on good authority that my brothers make a really mean lechon (roasted pig). New Year's lechon was gone in sixty seconds. Ha ha ha. 

So, there that was how my Christmas holidays went. Before I left the city, I had a chance to get-together with some very good friends. 

Custom bracelets.
These women are the first friends I had when I moved to the big city.
Claire, Josette and Catho live a very hectic schedule; all three are career women with a child in tow. We seldom manage to be together for quick dinners but we make it a point to spend time before Christmas break. 

Thank you guys for the years of friendship. And for helping me survive Manila when I was a very naive probinsyana. 

My lunch girls. Sandra, Erica & Dawn ditched us.
Boy, am so glad to have these girls around. They keep me on my toes. And they make lunch breaks interesting. Never a dull moment. We made a pact to live our lives as organically and originally, as we could. 

The pinky swear was done at some point as a promise to lovingly and/or brutally anyone from the group who strays the path and at the precipice of social climbing. Ha ha ha.

I am thankful for 2013 but I am ecstatic that it's over and that we have a chance to start over in 2014. 

How did you spend your own Christmas holidays?



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