Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Resolutions

We all know that resolutions are a cliche. Especially the ones that are made at the start of the year. Yet, it doesn't prevent almost everyone to try to scribble the hopes they intend to accomplish within the year. 

So, here goes mine.

1. Practice Bikram Yoga, all year, at least three times a week. Hello, Bikram Yoga Manila, any promos?

My goal is to do this right by the end of the year. Not looking like a broken umbrella, as I do these days :-)

2. Travel more. Spend less on material things and re-allocate resources on travel experiences.

I love to have a baby soon but I know that once it's in the picture, our lifestyle would drastically change. So, while waiting for our bundle of blessing, we will try to give in to our wanderlust and see a little more of the world.

3. Save at least P400k. It would be really nice when I can finally realize my goal to save enough for my our emergency fund. 

 4. Edit. Edit. Edit. I vow to do spring cleaning, regularly. Let go of stuff that I have accumulated through the years that were just for sentimental reasons. 

5. Read more quality books. The past two years I've been reading anything that's thrown my way. This year, I intend to read at least 20 books that are meaningful. Be more discerning. 

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How about you? Do you still believe in NY Resolutions? What are the things you want to accomplish, fulfill this year? 




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