Thursday, September 19, 2013


Avon has been at the forefront of breast cancer awareness for decades. The Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer campaign aims to inform, assist and care for the thousands of women who are afflicted with the disease. 

It's a debilitating ailment that needs a strong support system from families and organization's like Avon Foundation.  In the Philippines, it has a breast care clinic at the Philippine General Hospital. Watch this. Please right click the link below. I would have loved to upload the video here but for some strange reason it won't. So there.

The month of October is a breast cancer awareness month. Year after year, Avon organizes a walk to raise awareness and funds to support its clinic-beneficiaries and the many indigent women who are unable to afford breast exams like mammogram. 

Breast Cancer is real. It strikes anyone at any age. It can be you, your mother, sister, aunt or friend. But it is preventable. This is the message of the campaign. There is HOPE and it starts with awareness. 

This year, join the Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer walk and run at the Mall of Asia. Do it for yourself and your loved ones. 

Show your support through the following: 
Buy this shirt (sans Solenn :-)) at P220 and join the walk
 Participate in the run, 
5K Race Kit - P550

10K Race Kit - P700
For more info, check out its website. Click here

Together, let's #dosomethingbeautiful !



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