Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome at twenty-nine

Happy birthday, Mara

Thank you for the gift of friendship. I think there is absolutely nothing that you need anymore -- you have a tight family, a job you love, and a wonderful circle of friends. In the grand scheme of things, you have everything going for you.

Right now, am in a cafe thinking about my birthday post for you. While enjoying a sip of my caramel macchiato, I am reminded of our shared passion for coffee. And it got me into thinking about the many things that make you awesome in my book. 

So here goes my 29 thoughts about you, Mara Ruiz. 

1. You are the human connector. In a society where relationships are fleeting, you set out to build one-- seamlessly. It's not even contrived. You have a natural knack for bringing people together. Thanks to you I have widen my own circle of friends in a city where I got transplanted. 

2. You are one passionate woman. Work is not just work to you. It defines your being to a certain degree that is why you fiercely fight for your ideas. 

3. You are the true digital diva. If we commission someone to trace your digital footprint we will find a huge pile or a long winding one. Before anyone has ever gotten into the digital age, you've already conquered it. 

4. You are the perfect companion on food haunts. We share the love of good food, good conversations. 

5. Your travel itinerary is equal parts learning new culture, sightseeing and retail therapy. You map out routes based on viability of shopping districts.

6. You crave for an active lifestyle hence your constant search for apps that fill it. Couch to 5K, Nike+ Running, name it you've got it. 

7. Your bloodstream is consist of 1/4 water, 3/4 caffeine. 

8. You have the propensity to hoard tumblers, water bottles, and the likes. Starbucks tumblers both local and international, Kor bottles, Nalgene are some of the brands that you have in your cupboard. 

9. You don't stop learning. You love to learn, unlearn and relearn ideas, concepts, designs. You even enrolled out-of-pocket for diploma courses that will enhance your knowledge and talent in digital media strategy. 

10. You are a beauty product junkie. I am amazed at your collection of different types of foundation, eye color palettes,lippies, lip balms and so much more. 

11. You are a true-blue Harry Potter fanatic. Costumes, collectibles, the works. 

12. You like to collaborate. It gets you going when you find like-minded people whom you can brainstorm with and implement concept with little or no budget. 

13. You get a kick out of watching teenybopper movies.

14. You are solid Sarah G fan. You love Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson and John Lloyd. 

15. You have a healthy body image. 

16. On Monday mornings, you always bring with you a cooler full of grocery and cooked food intended for your meals the whole week but always find yourself buying lunch and dining out. 

17. You look forward to 2016 when your 3-bedroom condo will be turned over to you. And by then, we get to finally be neighbors. 

18. You have no qualms sharing your space and ride. You're quick to offer rides to anyone. Thanks for the countless times I've ridden in your car!

19. You are fiercely loyal to your friends. And you are a keeper. Distance and time aren't a factor for friendships that are beyond superficial. 

20. You willingly spend time and money for your friends like attending your friends' milestones. Thanks for going to my wedding, will forever be grateful. 

21. You hate poseurs. Specially if they're your friends. 

22. You get territorial when people encroaches in your field and yet do not bring anything substantial to the table. Worse, if they're clueless. 

23. You adore your nieces (cousins twice removed) but the parents tend to make your brow take a hike a lot of times or always. Ha ha.

24. You treat Cavite as your province. It comforts me knowing that am not alone in my "probinsyana" roots. And are loving it.

25. You have a lot of first world problems like getting the right gadget for your wifi connectivity when the rest of the country is just mooching on somebody else. Lol.

26.You have a generous soul.

27. You go gaga over Darren Criss. I hope that very soon, you'll meet your very own Darren Criss.

28. You are your Father's daughter.

29. You look forward to the next decade with trepidation but at the same time excitement at the prospects it offer. 

Being 29 can be bittersweet. You are almost leaving behind the years that paved the way for you for self-discovery, self actualization. Yet, it is also a springboard for the great things that can be achieved in your 30s. 

It's not anymore about blazing new trails but strengthening your core competencies, settling down and broadening your horizon.I am confident that you will forge your mark in the universe.

And so on your 29th, I raise my champagne flute to you for a year full of learning, love surprises, travels and awesome relationships. Cheers, Mara!



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