Friday, August 30, 2013

Online Shopping

The advent of digital technology and the accessibility of the internet has dramatically changed the life of shoppers even of those who are in the third world. 

We've all heard and saw in movies how coupons are painstakingly clipped and used by homemakers to get that extra discount when shopping at drugstores, hypermarkets and the likes.  

When the internet opened the possibility of buying products, services and brands that are otherwise difficult to reach, the shopping landscape improved and became so exciting -- more and more people are becoming shopaholic. 

Shopping at your fingertips. With just a click on that virtual shopping cart, your shopping itch is satiated... for the moment.  

I bought vacation packages like this
 Grabbed a hard-to-miss yoga offer
Bought a novel and proudly pinoy made bamboo speaker

Whimsical tapes that I haven't had the chance to use yet
Travel essentials

Kate Spade stuff
One-off restaurant coupons, plane tickets, hotel reservations and the likes. 

When you really come to think of it, the ease of internet shopping makes for a lot of closet shopaholics. Go ahead, check out your loved ones internet browsing history. You'd be amused and surprised. 



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