Friday, December 14, 2012

What's in your bag?

Through the years, I've noticed that working women are carrying bigger bags. Year after year, the bag gets bigger. And it doesn't help that fashion trends lean towards the outrageously over-sized totes. But is it really outrageous? 

Studies have shown that carrying heavy shoulder bags causes lingering back pain. If it isn't good for one's physical condition, why then women persist on wearing one? Is this the same case with the oft-repeated caveat on wearing high heels?

This got me into thinking when I pondered on my own bag dilemma. While waiting for the elevator this morning, I was trying to think about the reasons why I have a hard time carrying my own bag. And how do I ensure that its content do not spill over. And that it does not get deformed. 

Mind you, I feel sort of naked when I only tote one bag. I mean, there's the laptop bag, the lunch bag and the miscellaneous bag. Yes, you don't lug around all these stuff but hey, the walk to and from the parking to the cubicle is something. And if you decide to raid the mall after work, you catch yourself feeling a dull ache on your shoulder (where the bag is hung) after a few minutes of blissful shopping or just window-drooling.

So, I took stock of my bag's content. I realized that these are already carefully curated. Ahem. 
Pared down content.
I have been constantly taking out non-essential stuff inside my bag. It's as often as every week. Here's the curated version: 
1. iPad (for note taking during meetings/to play with when bored)
2. wallet (very essential, I believe)
3. hair brush (this acca kappa brush has served me well)
4. alcohol (to sanitize one's hands)
5. fragrance spritzer (when the bath room doesn't smell very nice)
6. wet wipes 
7. MiLi (there's no excuse to not having battery power)
8. lip balm (the cold temp could dry the lippy)
9. wrist bag (for quick trips to the coffee shop --this is where I place my coffee budget)
10. pochi pouch for small note pads, pen, car key, hair pins

The things that are not in the picture but I do carry with me all the time: 
1. checkbook (you never know what needs to be paid)
2. pencil case (obviously for all my pens & lipstick tubes)
3. a small wallet (for bill payment)
4. coin purse

The reason they're not in the picture is because am on a holiday break and I felt it was safe to leave them behind in the car. 

Today, I was dropped off by my hubby at the mall. I have a few hours to enjoy a cup of coffee and do some online stuff before my evening meeting. On my way to the cafe, I realized that my broadband stick is inside the pencil case which I purposely left in the car. Thank God for technology I was able to call and get it before he sped off to work.

See, inadvertently some things can be left behind when we struggle so much to bring as few things as possible. 

Yet, when I think about it the few things I carry with me can seriously be heavy. They don't weigh like cotton, at all. And to think that I don't carry my make-up case and brushes with me. I leave them all in the car. 

How then can working women avoid the long-term effect of carrying heavy loads? What about you, are you a small or big bag carrier? 

Share your thoughts, please. 



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