Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Ever After

Forty days ago, I exchanged 'I do' with Tyrone in a simple and beautiful ceremony in my home city in Davao. We were surrounded by family and friends. 

Our vision was to share the special day with a select few -- only those that were closest to us. And our working number was just 75 people. Lo and behold, we pulled it off. Although we missed some friends who didn't make it because they're abroad or have other pressing family matters, we remembered them in our celebration. 

We are so grateful that friends traveled almost 600 miles to witness and be part of the beginning of our journey as a couple. We are especially grateful to everyone who lent their talent, shared beautiful speeches, and the generous gifts given for the start of our new life. 

A few years from now, I'd like to look back to this day and how I was able to capture the moments in this entry. Mind you there are literally thousands of outtakes from the four DVDs given to us. These were all raw files. We only need to choose 130 photos that will go to our wedding album.

Yesterday, I tried curating the album for Facebook. I tried to second guess myself whether I needed to post it there. But some family and friends weren't able to celebrate with us. And those who did wants to see the photos, too. And then, after uploading Facebook just messed up my carefully curated album. LOL.

It took me the better part of the evening selecting, choosing, coping and posting these on another folder. It was so tedious I wished I had a MacBook Air so I can just drag and drop. 

Carefully but hastily made beautiful throw away bouquet. Thanks, Bonna!
The elegance of calla lilies.

It's been over a month but we still marvel at how things worked together to make our big day, as awesome as it was... more than what we could hope for.


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