Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine!

It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting.- Todd Ruthman

A little over midnight, I received these cute stuff from Tyrone. I shrieked in delight because the gift isn't just practical, it's fun. Then, I read his card. I almost wanted to cry. He's a man of few words but always it's simplicity in form more than make up for the fireworks. 

Today, as I stepped into the lobby of my floor, I saw rows and rows of red roses. Ah, some vendors have officially made it to our office. Thoughtful, eh?
We brought the store to your doorstep!

As I walked towards my cubicle, I saw that there were pink balloons taped on the door of each cube. 
Avon Loves You
And a personalized note and a cute bundle await me on top of my table. 
A sweet note, a lipstick and a small bottle of fragrance for V-day.
Clap, clap. Don't you just love it? When no one seems to care to give you anything, at least you won't go home empty-handed. Avon has thought of you. Whee!

Around 10 o'clock, we were called to gather near the lobby. Ah, there are two musicians there already poised to serenade us. 
They played two songs. Not bad.
And while they were playing, our yellow boys started distributing cupcakes. 
Hello, Becky's Kitchen.
And so Avon just made our Valentine's Day a little more fun. Thank you, Avon. Thank you to all our loved ones and friends. To everyone, may your day be just as fun as we have had today.

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