Saturday, February 18, 2012

Abe's Farm

The weekend leading to Valentine's Day, we found ourselves heading to Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. We intended to watch again the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and then have a foodie trip to Abe's Farm. 

I opened this blog with a quote from one of my favorite authors, J.R.R. Tolkien because for the first time in many years, we treated this short trip as a raw adventure. We didn't have tickets yet to the show, no confirmed hotel accommodation and no itinerary. Ha, the hotel was an adventure in itself. Will write separately, about it. It was furiously hilarious!

Now, going back to our food trip. From Clark, we took the Angeles exit which was just about 10 minutes away. Then, following the sign, we took the right turn towards Barangay Ayala in Magalang, Pampanga. The moment we entered the road though, I started dozing off. Can't help it, we woke up so early for the hot air balloon!

Minutes before we arrived, our designated driver, Tyrone who happens to be my fiance nudged me. He thought we were close to the farm already but we found out that it was still a good 15 minutes or so. However, I didn't mind because the barrio was so quaint and serene. There were rows of pine trees on both sides of the road and there were vegetable and organic farms that we passed by. The scenery was really calming... and making me woozy again. Ha ha ha. But I fought off the sleepiness. I want to be in the moment. 

Awhile later, this greeted us. 
Don't get dizzy! Hard to shoot from my phone because there was already a car behind us.
The farm opened to a spacious parking on the right and a generously planted flower garden to the left. In the middle of the property is the pebbled path towards the restaurant. 
Welcome to Abe's Farm.
This is how the restaurant looks like from the outside. Going in, there's a small reception area furnished with local furniture. I assumed they were all vintage. I gave my name to the receptionist then, we were led to our table -- with a view of the back property. 
There's a small pool behind us. Great for frolicking with a small of group of family and friends.
Tyrone and I. Whee!
Once seated, and ordered, might I add, we explored the different parts of the restaurant. Just a caveat, don't go there on an empty stomach. It takes a while for the food to be served. Yes, really quite a long while. 

While waiting, we admired the character of the place. 
the loft.

at the main reception hall. there are photographs of JGC's ancestors on the banquet table.

When the food was served, it was just right on time. We were dying to eat and savor the freshness of farm-produced vegetables. And it did not disappoint. 
Nilagang Baboy (P300+). Had the right texture. Ah, mouth-watering.
Baby Squid in Olive Oil (P150+). The softest I've tasted. Delish!
We finished our sumptuous meal with coffee with caramel bars that we brought for the road trip. Takot magutom sa daan.

To fend off sleepiness generally associated with full meals :-) we walked around the property and admired the view some more. And took some pictures, some more. 
it'd be nice to watch the stars at night here.
this is a huge open space. can hold garden weddings.
And for those who would want to sleep here, they have very lovely huts and family rooms. There are only a few, so privacy is really guaranteed. And it would feel like you actually own the place. We wanted so much to stay here the night before but it was fully booked! So book early, if you intend to sleep over. 

Family and friends can play in the game rooms and even tennis in their small courtyard beyond the grassy open space. And one can choose to be pampered as well for they have spa services. 
the spa room. very resort-like!
The hut (for accommodations) is amazingly beautiful. And for a rate of P2990 for 3 persons, it's a steal!

 So, if you're looking for a quick getaway, check out this place. We had a grand time, you would, too. Check out its website here.

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