Monday, September 26, 2011

Growing up in the Banana Republic

I grew up in the barrio, right smack in the middle of a banana plantation. Who I am today is largely influenced by my upbringing in the banana republic.

My home town is hours away from the big city. Back then, my concept of the big city is the seemingly endless plains of Davao. But because of my love for the written word, my world expanded beyond the rural confines of my small barrio.

I dreamt of one day stepping, living and breathing the air and life of my city. I aspired the nonchalance of downtown dwelling. I craved for a niche in my laidback city.

One day, another opportunity knocked on my door. Off I flew to the queen city of the south. I was thrilled! That was my first of countless plane rides.

A few years later, I took a chance to be lost in metropolitan Manila. The sights, sounds and smog are the soundtrack and backdrop of my existence. I discovered the joy and sadness of being, on my own… in the big city.

It is a life full of promise, opportunities and friendships. It widened my horizon and added dimension to my being. It has afforded me a view to the other side of the world. Here, I discovered culture, travel, and nature. And how it intersperse with my roots, in the barrio.

And so I write about my thoughts as a barrio girl living in the city.

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